Check out this gallery of Saabs in films and television episodes.

 The Office

Saab in The Office

Jim Halpert, a main character played by John Krasinski, drives a 2006 9-2x, in “The Office.”


Saab in Seinfeld

Titular character Jerry Seinfeld drives a 1996 900 Cabrio throughout much of the TV series, “Seinfeld.”

The Big Bang Theory

Saab in The Big Bang Theory

Main character Leonard drives a 2002 9-5 throughout most of the “Big Bang Theory” series.


Saab in Sideways

The main characters take a road trip through California wine country in a 1987 900 Cabrio in the 2004 film “Sideways.”

State of Play

Saab in State of Play

A 1990 900 can be seen driving around Washington D.C. in the 2009 film “State of Play.”


Saab in Parenthood

Zeek Braverman, played by Craig T. Nelson, drives a 9-5 SportWagon in episode nine of season 2 of “Parenthood.

The Sweetest Thing

Saab in The Sweetest Thing

Characters drive a 2001 9-5 SportWagon in the 2002 film, “The Sweetest Thing.”

Code Name: The Cleaner

Saab in Code Name: The Cleaner

A 1985 Saab 900 is featured in the action comedy “Code Name: The Cleaner.”

Beverly Hills 90210

Saab in Beverly Hills 90210

Main character Kelly, played by Jennie Garth, drove a 1995 900 Cabrio in the later series of “Beverly Hills 90210.”

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