Are you the owner of a 1994-1998 Saab 900 and you’ve lost your radio code? Learn how to find it and how to enter it.

EDITORS NOTE: Beginning in 1986 and ending in 1998 Saab used numerical radio codes to prevent theft. A business size card with the radio code was provided to each owner at delivery but as time passed, owners lost this code/card. Radio Codes can often be provided by your local OSC. To get the code, the radio needs to be removed from the vehicle to record the model/PU and serial numbers. This data is entered in a radio code lookup database to retrieve the code. Once the code has been captured, write it down in a safe place and store it for future use.

This Saab Audio System incorporates a four-digit code. The four-digit code is programmed during manufacture and cannot be changed. It is therefore important to keep the code in a safe place, never together with the audio system.

If the battery is disconnected for more than 3 minutes, if the audio system is removed or if its power supply is cut off for some other reason, the four-digit code must be entered using the station preset buttons as follows:

  1. Turn on ignition
  2. Switch on the radio, the display shows (“CODE IN”).
  3. Enter the four-digit code on the station preset buttons. If the correct code is entered, the radio will begin to play.

If a wrong number was used while entering your code finish entering all four digits. Then press and hold the “BAND” button until the word “CODE or CODE IN” appears then enter the correct code.

If the wrong code is entered three times in succession you will have to wait one hour with the vehicle and the radio switched ON before you can enter the code again. After one hour, press and hold the BAND switch until “CODE” appears on the display. The correct code must be entered the first time or you will have to wait another hour with the radio and vehicle switched on before you can try again. A battery charger or tender should be used to keep the battery from going dead and as always, do not leave your car unattended.