Want to join a group of dynamic, exciting Saab owners as enthusiastic as you? Learn how to find a Saab club near you.

Official Saab Club of Spain Meeting

Saabs lined up at an official Saab Club of Spain meeting


Finding Your Tribe

Humans are social creatures. Even the most introverted eventually feel a need to communicate with others, to forge connections over common interests. In fact, there are several demonstrated health benefits of developing relationships with other people. Knowing all of this, doesn’t it make sense to bond with others over something as strong as your passion for Saab? That’s how Saab Clubs came into being: Saab owners needed to find others who would understand their love for their vehicles. (Mostly because all of their friends who didn’t own Saabs were sick of them talking about their cars.)

Connecting With A Club

Besides driving your Saab around with a bumper sticker emblazoned with your phone number (which we do not recommend,) how do you find these groups? One great resource is the Saab Club of North America (SCNA.) Not only can you join the North American club, but you can also find other clubs across the United States and in Canada. Becoming a member of the SCNA has several perks. In addition to a subscription to NINES, their signature publication, members also receive discounts on Saab parts, service, and accessories at participating locations. There is also the Vintage Saab Club of North America (VSCNA) for owners of older vehicles.

Creating a Personal Connection

Even if there isn’t a Saab Club near you, there are still avenues for you to connect with other Saab fanatics. An expansive site with different boards and chat rooms, The Saab Network has plenty of ways to meet and join up with other Saab owners. There is even a ‘Saab Buddy System’ board to help owners connect with one another. Another way to forge personal bonds with other Saab owners is attending a convention. The Saab Owner’s Convention hosted by SCNA is a great opportunity to meet other owners and so much more. The convention is only open to members, but you can start a trial membership to attend before you decide if full-time membership is for you. There are also local conventions, such as Saabs @ Carlisle in Carlisle, PA.

Driving a Saab doesn’t mean you have to become a part of a club. But becoming a part of a Saab club, or at least making Saab friends, means you will always have someone will be just as excited about your vehicle as you are.