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This is the official blog for TheSaabSite.com and the North America arm of  Orio the exclusive supplier of Saab Original Parts. Our mission is to support the Saab enthusiast community, Saab cars and Saab owners. We’re here to share news and information that Saab enthusiasts and owners will find useful. We look to carry forward Saab’s great tradition.

Our Story about Saab

First, Saab Parts North America

North America is the largest market for Saab, with approximately 400,000 units in operation.  The unfortunate bankruptcy of Saab Automobile AB in Sweden in December of 2011 and Saab Cars North America soon after, left the future uncertain for the Saab brand and Saab owners.

In the spring of 2012, Saab Automobile Parts AB in Sweden established a North American subsidiary: Saab Automobile Parts North America (SPNA).  In early June 2012, SPNA purchased the remaining parts inventory from the Saab Cars bankruptcy estate and began operations in North America.   Upon the start of business, SPNA:

  • Established a network of about 200 Official Service Centers in the US and Canada.
  • Returned availability of Saab parts back to the same high level as prior to the Saab Automobile AB bankruptcy.
  • Negotiated supply agreements with General Motors, Subaru, Exxon Mobile, Tire Rack and other major OE suppliers.
  • Contracted with General Motors to administer warranty and recall services on Saab Vehicles providing a seamless warranty experience for those Saab owners.
  • Launched a North America Technical Assistance Center to provide technical help for Saab Service Centers in providing high-quality repairs for Saab owners.
  • Launched a North America Customer Assistance Center to answer customer inquiries about Saab parts, service and technical support.
  • Launched a new SPNA website, Saabparts.com; Saab Accessories and clothing websiteSaabGear.com; and Facebook page www.facebook.com/Saab to share up to date information about the company, service facilities and current promotions.

Now we are Orio

At the end of 2013, Saab Parts AB changed its name to Orio AB and we are now Orio North America (ONA).   Today Orio North America has approximately 200 dedicated Saab official service centers, a B2B e-commerce portal with 250 Independent Repair Shop customers and B2C websites for Saab and Volvo.  ONA has added direct distribution agreements with Exide Battery, Tire Rack, Hella, Suplex, Mann and many other domestic vendors.  

Our Ownership

ONA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Orio AB, a global spare parts and logistics company, headquartered in Nykoping, Sweden.   Orio AB is 100% owned by the Swedish Government with its operations placed under the Finance Ministry.  The company is led by an independent Board of Directors which includes prominent members of Swedish industry as well as union and government representation.

ONA is headquartered and operates a 120,000 square foot parts warehouse in Bethlehem,  Pennsylvania.  Orio AB operates an approximately 1 million distribution center south of Stockholm Sweden.

Whether you’re a lifelong Saab enthusiast or a casual Saab vehicle owner, we hope you find our blog informative and entertaining.

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