Saab has always been ahead of its time. Want proof? Check out the Saab 92, their first car ever. Looks like something from The Jetsons, right? Saab’s advertisements were no exception. Check out these 9 clever ads that were way ahead of their time:


A Saab will surrender it's own life to save yours.

The fact that the driver walked away unharmed from this wreck is another feather in the cap of Saab’s legendary safety.


Astound your friends. Confound your enemies. Buy a Saab.

With a car like this, who needs friends?


Why a sports car with front wheel drive makes sense.

Fun fact: The $3,795 a Saab Sonett cost when this ad was released in 1972 would be an affordable $21,867 today.


Will the Saab run forever?

Saab customer wondering how their cars seem to run forever is a testament to brand quality. That’s some seriously good engineering.


Saab vs BMW

The great Saab vs BMW war of 1977, concentrated in one ad. They say it was quite a one-sided affair.


The more you pay the faster your money goes.

Anyone want to pitch in for the jet? Anyone?


Is it possible for the modern dad to drive a car he actually likes?

The socks/sandals combo of the modern dad would definitely clash with this cool Saab.


Saabs offer both cargo space and sports car power

We’re especially curious how they stacked those cars so perfectly in the pre-Photoshop era.


We should've bought this Saab

Our biggest mistake was not buying this car.